quinta-feira, julho 20, 2006


Ranum on Certification (juro que é último da série)

For example, if someone wanted to hire me to lock down an ULTRIX 3.1d system, I'm eminently qualified. But I'd be at a loss when presented with today's confusing plethora of Linux "distros"--I'd need months of studying and experimenting before I'd be ready to work on one of them. But if I had a certification, maybe someone would hire me by mistake, thinking I was qualified, and then I could do that retraining on the company's nickel. If someone asked one of my peers who they'd recommend for a Linux project, I'm sure my name wouldn't come up. But if the job called for a "senior curmudgeon," well, that would be another story entirely.
The bottom line is that, regardless of whether a candidate is certified, a smart interviewer needs to know enough to judge if a candidate is the right person for the job. In fact, a smart employer is always going to check references and evaluate a candidate based on past accomplishments--only one of which may be successfully cramming for an exam.
Marcus Ranum (para acessar tem que responder uma pesquisa enjoada)


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