terça-feira, agosto 15, 2006


Blue-boxing no Asterisk

Essa notícia é tão legal que parece mentira. Mark Abene lançou o "Project MF", segundo suas próprias palavras:
Project MF is a living, working simulation of analog SF/MF signalling just as it was used as the standard in the public switched telephone network up until the early 90's, when most everything was cut-over by the regional Bells to the fully-digital SS7/ISDN network as it continues today. Project MF is intended as a way of preserving an important part of telco history, and should fascinate both new-comers and old-timers alike. In this simulation, I've allowed for "SIGnalling Irregularities" or "SIGIs" in telco parlance: the ability to inject 2600Hz single-frequency (SF) trunk idle/busy supervisory tones from "external sources", as well as the multi-frequency (MF) tone-pairs used to signal telephone calls as well as hidden internal routing codes on the network. In a word, blue-boxing!
Adoraria poder brincar de phreaker.

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