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O "Act" do P.D.C.A.

O ciclo P.D.C.A. (Plan-Do-Check-Act) sempre me incomodou. O principal motivo é que achava o termo "Act" mal empregado. Hoje, descobri que não sou o único:
SECOND, Do and Act have the same meaning in English. The Compact Oxford dictionary provides the following relevant definitions:

Do • verb 1 perform or carry out (an action). 2 achieve or complete (a specified target). 3 act or progress in a specified way. 4 work on (something) to bring it to a required state. 5 have a specified result or effect on. 6 work at for a living or take as one’s subject of study 7 make or provide.

Act • verb 1 take action; do something. 2 take effect or have a particular effect. 3 behave in a specified way. 4 (act as) fulfil the function of. 5 (act for/on behalf of) represent on a contractual or legal basis. 6 (acting) temporarily doing the duties of another.

So PDCA could just as easily be PDCD or PADA! This is confusing, especially to uninformed personnel. In reality, the meaning of Act is Improve! Hence the cycle should read Plan-Do-Check-Improve or Plan-Do-Study-Improve. So the acronym would be PDCI or PDSI! Why did not Shewart and Deming improve their PDCA cycle? A curiosity indeed!


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